If you are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant on a periodic basis: to  cover your Administrative tasks, then my hourly rate is made for you!

This rate ranges from $45USD per hour to $65USD per hour, depending on the technicality of the task and the urgency of the deadline.

**Minimum billing requirement: 2 hour


Are you looking for consistent support? Wanting to offload your day-to-day tasks to someone? Looking to take your business to the next level with a dedicated team? Then my retainer rate is for you! 

Minimum Billing Requirements: $400USD/month

**Includes 10 hours of services


Not sure how to build Social Media accounts that attract your ideal clients?  Looking to have your CRM database setup?  Wanting someone to get your team organized? Then my project package may be the right fit for you! 

**Project rates are based upon hours required to complete the work and technicality of tasks.

**All packages have minimum billing requirements